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1. Admission to the club Queens Night Club are:
- People working on a permanent or casual basis at the request of the owner of the club.
- Adults, with an identity card confirming the age of 18 +
In justified cases, the club staff can ask the guests to demonstrate the original document proving age.
- Those with an invitation to a closed club event issued by the club.
- Persons having registered club cards.
- Representatives of the press, radio, websites, television and other media, having consent of the owner of the club that they have a job or a document confirming cooperation with the media.
- Representatives of medical services
- Representatives of state bodies authorized to control activities.
- Other persons designated by the owner of the club.
Second Admission to the club Queens Night Club is payable according to the current price list, except
days, which organized the event for which the individual price is fixed ticket.
Third Reservation tables are free to 20:00 after the hour price
dependent on individual arrangements with the management of the club.
While those with a club card are subject to the arrangements contained in the regulations
Club cards issued with the card.
4th The fee for entry to the club and reservations is collected in cash, the amount must not
non-negotiable and is not refundable in case of leaving the club and beyond adjacent area.
5th Support the club may refuse admission to the club to any person for any reason.
No access will be used particularly in relation to:
- Minors of school age and high school.
- People behaving inappropriately, vulgar and aggressive in relation to service
Club and others.
- People behaving contrary to generally accepted social norms.
- Of provocative appearance and behavior, whose presence could create
hazardous situations for the health and lives of other people staying at the club.
- Of people drunk (intoxicated with alcohol)

- Persons under the influence of other drugs (such as power-ups), or drugs.
Safety Rules:
First If you're staying at the club Queens Night Club are required to behave in
without jeopardizing the safety of other individuals.
Second If you're staying at the club are required to strictly comply with the
indications and commands the police, service club, particularly in situations
fire hazard.
Third Persons who are resident in the club and the club is prohibited:
- Bring to the club of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks.
- Bring to the club drugs, drugs of every kind.
- Ownership and transfers of fireworks, firearms, side-arms, and other sharp instruments
objects which may endanger the safety of other individuals in the club.
- Entering the premises and which is intended only for the staff.
- The revelation of any behavior which appear to constitute membership of subcultures,
political manifestations of belonging to political groups, trade, acquisition, etc.
- Shooting people without their knowledge or consent of the owner of the club.
The exception is photographing people on the premises of the club and
the club for marketing purposes at the same time subject to personal data.
- Leaving the club on the outside with alcohol or other beverages in glass packaging.
- Putting alcohol or drink in areas where it can create a hazard for people
staying at the club or to the AV equipment.
- For broken glass and other damage to a fee in the amount determined by the
the owner of the club.
Persons not adhering to these restrictions and do not
applicable to the service commands will be removed from the area's Queen's Night Club or transferred to the Police.
4th Club is not responsible for items left in the club.
5th If you're staying at the club may be exposed to continuous stay in the zone sounds can cause hearing damage for which the club shall not be held Queens responsibility.
6th The area of ​​the club is monitored to ensure the safety of persons
residing on the premises or in adjacent
Criminal Liability
First For the destruction or damage to property of the club persons who committed this act shall be borne
material and criminal responsibility: every time a misdemeanor of the marks crime and vandalism will be reported to the Police.
However, for these individuals will apply - no entry to the club.
Second Rules for non-compliance threatens the criminal responsibility (Article 21 paragraph 2 of the Act
of 22/08/2002).
Third Disputes and complaints on matters not resolved in the Rules and Regulations management of the club.
4th Complaints and requests will be accepted in writing.
All questions and complaints for consideration must be submitted in writing
later than 10 days after the date of a given situation. After this period, the owner of the club
may refrain from providing explanations and answers to complex letters (documents).
The form of questions and complaints should include:

- Personal data of the person concerned,
- Contact details including current address,
- Email,
- Telephone,
- Detailed description of the matter for consideration.
- Legible signature.
All possible disputes roztrzygane in the District Court will be competent for the place of business and office
Queens's Night Club Gliwice.
Ll people in your stay at the club or in the adjacent declare that they have read the above regulations.
That will follow w / the rules and not claim and all rights not comply with the provisions
resulting from w / in the rules of the Rules of Queens Night Club
If you're staying at the club or in the adjoining agree to use the image for
exclusively marketing the websites Queens Night Club.
Personal information, photographs will not be disclosed to third parties or institutions without the consent of the owner Queens Night Club
Applies to all persons permanently or temporarily in the club and the surrounding area in the form of permanent or former, guests, team repairs, services and other service facilities.
Opening hours of operation and sets direction for the guests of the club.
All text and photos contained on the website of Queens Night Club belong to the owner of the club.

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Night Club Queens - Silesia Gliwice Poland

He invites all those thirsty for good entertainment. Fantastic and beautiful girls, fragrant interiors provide excellent mood and fun.
Admission for people aged 18+.

Sunday - CLUB CLOSED, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday - OPEN CLUB from 20:00 to 05:00

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